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Intro (ish)

I needed an ample distraction today so I figured I would do my intro blog post. Better late then never amirite?!

Me- In case you were wondering what I looked like:

Basic Info:

From: Mason, Ohio

Birthday: June 26, 1995

Majors: International Studies, Motion Pictures

Minors: Ecosystem Science & Policy, Theatre

Involved in: Loads of things!

Other Stuff:

Most Excited For: Graduating this year and moving full time to my favorite place- Cork City “biyyyyyy”

Fun Facts: I have both shown Llamas and been in a Human Combat Chess Match

Things You’d Never Guess By Looking At Me:

  • I lived on a farm until I was 13 (though like I wanted to adopt all the sheep I would have been a terrible farmer)
  • I’m 21 not 17 (forever a midget)
  • I pride myself in being able to be one of the guys, yet I cry every time I see a fluffy animal

Writing Style: Stream of consciousness with quotes often embedded

Favorite Posts: Either “It Does No Define Me (My Mental Health Journey)” or my first official one “Say You’ll Remember Me?”


Movie(s): Philomena, LOTR, What We Do in the Shadows

TV Show(s): Psych, GOT, Who’s Line is it Anyways?, Drunk History

Movie Genre: Dramady or Mockumentary

Book: All But My Life by G. W. Klein

Meme: Dat Boi or Harambe

Store: The mall

Restaurant: Skyline Chili

Candy: Warheads, Blowpops, sour coated things

Baked Good: Pumpkin Pie

Comedian: literally anyone funny

Band: The Beatles are OG but I like a lot artists

Music Genre: Folk Rock

Character: Gandalf

Fast Food: Chipotle

Dream Job: Professor or Actress

Perfect Pizza: Cheese stuffed crust, light sauce, extra cheese- CHEESE

Animal: Tiger, Cheeath, Snow Leopard

Celebrity: Zach Galifianakis, and anyone who does awesome things like Dave Grohl

Season: Summer

Color: Green

Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

Sport to Play: Lacrosse

Sport to Watch: Quidditch

Drink: Lemonade

Snack: Fruit or Peanut Butter

Fandom: You name it, I will geek out about it 7/10 times